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Prevents Stalling
Innovative EXP disk design incorporates updated wedge weights to prevent
your machine from clutch related stalls.

Higher Durability
Improved design reduces friction and heat build-up so your components last longer.

Power to the Ground
A properly set up Core EXP delivers constant power without slip, providing high performance and traction control exclusive to the Auto-Clutch.

Better Lever Feel
Capable of manual override at all times with a lever that feels just like stock, but won't be subject to clutch fade like traditional clutches.


Up to 27% lighter creates less rotating mass.

Increases Clutch Life
Most innovative pressure plate design ever. Dramatically increases oil flow and cooling.

Up to 20% lighter creates less rotating mass.

Increases Clutch Life and Helps Reduce Fade
Dramatically increases oil flow to create cooler operating temperatures,
reducing clutch fade and providing higher durability.


Provides Consistent Modulation and Power Delivery
Durable new tooth profile creates smoother, more controlled and consistent clutch modulation while helping deliver full power to ground.


How It Works                      

An auto-clutch automatically feeds out the engagement of the clutch using centrifugal force. This allows one to start and stop without touching the clutch lever. The automatic feed is fully adjustable to suit the rider’s needs while retaining full manual override with the clutch lever. This automatic feed delivers easier on/of throttle transitions, improved traction, better control, and more confidence.

The performance advantages of the auto-clutch:

Faster Cornering
Improved Traction
Virtually Eliminates Stalling
Better Starts
Faster Lap Times
Fully Tunable to Rider Preference & Terrain Conditions

Rekluse auto-clutches make it easier to ride and easier to go fast.


RPM Increases > Wedges Slide Out > EXP Disk Expands > Clutch Engages