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EXP 3.0 was inspired by Rekluse'e award winning and premier Core EXP system and singles out the revolutionary EXP assembly. Rekluse EXP employs the same race-ready technology and EXP assembly of our premier product; the difference is that it fits into your stock clutch components.

“Not Recommended For Use with Big Bore Kits \ Snowbikes”

   One can now enjoy the benefits of Rekluse auto-clutch technology while racing or riding at our most affordable price.

Faster Cornering
Improved Traction
Virtually Eliminates Stalling
Better Starts
Faster Lap Times
Fully tunable to rider preference & terrain conditions


Rekluse auto-clutches make it easier to ride and easier to go fast.


RPM Increases > Wedges Slide Out > EXP Disk Expands > Clutch Engages


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