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Click Here: RadiusCX, RadiusX, Core EXP3.0 & EXP3.0

Rekluse has revolutionized motorcycle riding and racing through clutch technology. A Rekluse auto-clutch can make any level of rider better. A rider that is Rekluse equipped will ride faster with less fatigue and greater confidence. Proven at the highest level of professional Supercross, Motocross, and Off-Road racing, Rekluse has racked up numerous magazine awards and racing championships, both nationally and worldwide.

The Performance Advantages of the Auto-Clutch: Faster Corners, Quicker Lap Times, and Better Starts. Plus it virtually eliminates stalling. Rekluse Auto-Clutches make it easier to ride and easier to go fast. Ride one today and experience what the Clutch rEvolution is all about.


Click Here: CoreManual TorqDrive, CoreManual, & TorqDrive Clutch Pack

A high performance manual clutch is now more accessible than ever with the TorqDrive Clutch Pack. It’s as easy as swapping your clutch plates into your OEM components. Proven at the highest levels of racing, TorqDrive thin friction disk technology allows more disks to fit in your OEM clutch’s footprint, decreasing slip and unlocking the full power of your engine. Whether you’re setting track records or shredding your favorite trail, the TorqDrive Clutch Pack will give you the advantage you’re looking for.

The CoreManual clutch is made from hard anodized billet aluminum components, and is a professional grade manual clutch that offers superior durability and reliability over stock components. Superior oil flow, lighter but stronger components and optimized spring locating to eliminate binding provides a high performing clutch with smooth and consistent lever action.

For even MORE performance, and the best manual clutch available, period. CoreManual TorqDrive delivers unprecedented performance, tuning and durability. TorqDrive provides more disks in less space, allowing us to add up to 4 additional frictions disks over stock.  More frictions = more torque capacity thus unlocking the full power of your engine without the need to add stiffer pressure plate springs.  Proven in racing at the highest levels, it’s not just good, it’s rEvolutionary.